Sunday, December 24, 2006

JealousAgain's Top 11 of 2006 -- Part One

Cheese asked me to post my faves of the year, and this one goes to 11. I am breaking it up into two posts due to intoxication and family holiday responsibilities.

Here is part one.

Mastodon -- Blood Mountain
I'm not a big metal guy, I felt that Slayer exhausted all of the genre's real possibilities with Reign in Blood and South of Heaven back in the 80's. I've judged every metal band since then by using those records as comparison. Few were up to snuff. But JESUS H. TAP DANCING CHRIST these guys rock. Great playing, jumping sub-genres without missing a beat, balancing their prog-rock nerd-isms with sheer power, and even a little psychedelia. Its beautiful...and ugly...and complex. This album will allow you to give one of the greatest gifts you can possibly give to your fellow humans this holiday season...and that is...entertaining them when you are all stuck in rush hour or holiday traffic. Your head will bang, you will air drum on the steering wheel, you will make funny rock n' roll faces. You will spread joy to your fellow wage slaves stuck in 1st and 2nd gear. They will laugh heartily at your expense, but you don't care...because you are ROCKING. However, please go easy on the brake pedal kick drumming, as you could induce seizures in the driver behind you if they are looking directly into the lights.

TV On the Radio -- Return to Cookie Mountain
I can't really add anything that EVERY OTHER REVIEWER ON THE PLANET already said. It's a great record from a great band. My only addition would be to encourage you to see them live. It makes the recorded work pale. Don't believe me?? Fire up YouTube and watch the Letterman performance. People that don't own TVOtR records are in the same category as those mouth breathers who STILL don't watch "The Wire" on HBO...even after every single TV critic on the planet (even the shitty ones) has declared it the best show on TV.

The Fags -- Light'em Up

Fabulous power pop band from Detroit. Great hooks you'll be humming for days. Although, I preferred the more raw sound of their previous recording, which I bought when they opened for X (The Greatest Band in the Entire Universe...Ever or TGBitEUE from here on out) a few years ago. Apparently, they were unceremoniously dropped by some bean-counting fucktard at whatever lame major label they had signed too...which is a shame, as the world needs more nice, simple sing-along rock n' roll. I have 20 bucks that says they were dropped to make room for some crybaby, eyeliner wearing emo sissies. You know, the one with the singer you want to punch in the throat every time he opens his, not that one, the other, not him either...the other, other one....yeah, him.

Cheap Trick -- Rockford
Lets face it. This is almost entirely forgettable. But its goddamned Cheap Trick and you WILL pay respect. All those poppy, guitar driven indie rock bands you like...yeah, ESPECIALLY the one with the cute bass player....tell them to make the royalty checks out to Zander/Neilsen/Petersson/Carlos.

King Tubby -- The African Brothers Meet King Tubby in Dub
You know that episode of the Simpsons where they show the inside of Homer's head and its a donkey, wearing a sombrero, sleeping under a tree? That's pretty much what I am like when I am high...which is often. This is the aural equivalent of that sombrero wearing donkey. If you were inside my stoned head, you would hear lots of really great lo-fi dub reggae.

The Lillingtons -- The Too Late Show

Other than their name, there is barely a trace of original thought to be found's like listening to a Ramones/Misfits/Screeching Weasel/Etc. tribute band and the singer is fucking up the lyrics. Surprisingly, I don't care...because its 25 minutes of kickass sing along pop-punk hooks with lyrics about alien invasions, zombies and other sundry cool shit. C'mon they are from, like, Bumblefuck, Wyoming...that makes them an underdog from a tiny music scene and underdogs rule.

Part Two after the ceremonial opening of the presents, eating of the turkey and watching of the football.

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