Wednesday, December 27, 2006

JealousAgain's Top 11 of 2006 -- Part Two

and here is Part 2...

Chavez -- Better Days Will Haunt You
One of the most criminally under-appreciated bands of the 90's....right up there with the Afghan Whigs, Head Candy and Swervedriver. These guys put the rock in indie rock. Big, loud, ugly guitars making beautiful noise....its heaven. The world needs more smart, rocking, independent music and less wussified "post-rock" wank. And yes, I realize its a career retrospective and not really a new release...ya wanna fight about it? If you were too busy listening to that heinous post-grunge nightmare that was mid to late 90's commercial rock to hear these guys, get yourself a copy of this and repent.

The Riverboat Gamblers -- To the Confusion of Our Enemies
Coming at you from Denton TX....ROCK. I'd make a comparison like "a younger, hopped up Supersuckers"....but if you were more hopped up than Eddie Spaghetti and friends you'd be dead. You HAVE to love a band who can take abuse and shake it off...bass player takes a mic in the mouth, loses four teeth, spits blood like Gene Simmons on Kiss Alive II and makes it through four more songs before almost passing out from blood loss. The vocalist breaks his wrist and just keeps rocking...opting to complete his daily dose of rock acrobatics prior to seeking medical treatment. Apparently, once properly casted, they drove up the Jersey turnpike and rocked the shit out of CBGB the next night. I hope he got something cool out of the deal like a bunch of vicodin, he deserves it. I have decided that due to the Gamblers ability to bring the rock, I will no longer disparage Texas by calling it the worst state in the union....congratulations Florida! :D

Channels -- Waiting For the Next End of the World

J. Robbins...that should be reason enough for you to purchase this. He hasn't done ANYTHING bad yet...and I'm going all the way back to when he played bass for Government Issue. At the risk of sounding like the fanboy I am, I will be brief. This is a beautiful rock album..I wish it broke out of mid-tempo land a bit more...but its still great. GI, Jawbox, Burning Airlines, Report Suspicious Activity and now Channels...the man makes great music. Since its the season for giving, won't you please consider making a donation to The Cal Robbins fund. ( ) J. and Janet's son is very ill and could use your help. Thanks.

The Raconteurs -- Broken Boy Soldiers
Jack White and Brendan As cool as it sounds, it could have sucked mightily, as projects like this often do. Lucky for us it doesn't. In fact, I'd like to see Brendan ditch the singer-songwriter thing, Jack retire the White Stripes (or go back to the Go) and pursue this full-time. Rock is always better with a real rhythm section. (The Greenhornes guys could use a kick in the ass though) This record is good...and since 2006 was kinda weak, it made this list. I think these guys have an even better album in them. I hope to put it on a future list.

Number 11: The Honorable Mentions:

Lee "Scratch" Perry -- Panic in Babylon
Deftones -- Saturday Night Wrist
Butch Walker and the Let's Go Out Tonites
Eagles of Death Metal -- Death By Sexy
Sonic Youth -- Rather Ripped
Nada Surf -- Acoustic Live ep

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