Sunday, July 30, 2006

Pitchfork Music Festival

Art Brut

The National

Master Of The Foxy Lady?

Master Of The Foxy Lady!

Kiki's Day 1 review and photos.

Kiki's Day 2 review and photos.

Weren't there more than 2 bands playing?
Of course, there was...I just wasn't close enough to get decent photos of them or I was sitting in the shade (where I couldn't see anything) trying to cope with the heat (so no one would have to drag me to the first aid tent).

Reason to buy that camera I've been eyeing?
12 x zoom!

Reason to avoid outdoor festivals in Chicago in the summer?
Uh, it's really hot.

Purchase of the Festival?
My Art Brut t-shirt.

Union Park

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Anonymous said...

hey, where are the pics of OS MUTANTES. ? Brazilian psychedelic pop makes me want to do the worm. On a completely different note, if u r like me and when people start talking about black stuff u start thinking to ur self "I LOVE BLACK MOUNTAIN. WHEN ARE THEY GONNA PLAY MY TOWN?" then u should definitely check out BLACK ANGELS! i went and saw them and now i know how to play my tambourine with my maraca and totally hypnotize people.also i am not in the band BLACK ANGELS