Saturday, June 02, 2007

Perry Baggs Benefit - Jason & The Scorchers / Stace England

Nashville, TN


Bone Machine said...

What a night! Thanks for posting the great photos.

Unknown said...

The picture of the foursome jumping off the drum riser is a CLASSIC. Thanks for posting these -- they are simply wonderful.

CP said...

Excellent, excellent, excellent and most excellent. So nice to see the gang back together - i only wish I could have been there.

mike weber/fairportfan said...

I swiped one of the pictures from here (the poem) and made it the basis of a blog post at, the music social site. (

Were you the author of the poem. or was it something distributed there? If you weren't, but know who was, please pass along that i did. If you did write it, please visit the post.

Either way, if the author pf the poem objects to my use there, i;ll take it down.

(The three comments so far have been extremely positive, BYW.)

I envy you for being there, BTW.

cheese said...

Those are actually lyrics to a Stace England song.