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Loraaw's 2007 Year in Review

NOTE TO OTHER MEMBERS OF THIS BLOG: Sorry, I had some trouble merging my Blogger accounts and y'all may have gotten an email from Blogger. And shoot, now I have a real name. Oh-well!

I tried to compile a Top Shows of 2007 list, but I only saw 30 shows and they all stood out for different reasons. Instead I'll share a chronological list of highlights.

- Deerhoof at the Crowbar (Ybor City, Tampa), 2/18/07
They were more bizaar than I ever imagined, but still beautifully melodic.

- The Autumn Defense at Park West (Chicago), 3/4/07
I luuuuved the harmonies and retro feel of the concert and venue. What I'll always remember this show for, however, is my husband being lulled to sleep by John and Pat, slumping his head on our table midshow. Our waitress asks "should I stop serving him?" I reply "Oh, he's not drunk, he's just asleep."

- The Decemberists at the Hard Rock (Universal Studios, Orlando) 4/8/07
I became a Decemberists fan not through their music, but through Colin Meloy's 33 1/3 book on The Replacements. I now understand why Decemberists fans are so rabid. They are one of the most engaging bands I've ever seen live. And Colin was looking Va-Va-Voom! in his linen suit and crisp white shirt.

-Bright Eyes at the Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center, 5/16/07
This was the best show I almost didn't go to this year. I didn't expect the full-out rock production I got.

-Blue Mountain at the Duck Room (Twangfest, St. Louis), 6/7/07
It's rare to see a band at the exact time you are infatuated with their CD, and I had just rediscovered "Dog Days" in my collection. "Blue Canoe" live made my year.

-The High Strung, New World Brewery (Ybor City, Tampa) and the Clearwater Public Library (Clearwater, Fl) 8/5/07 and 8/6/07
The fourth band on a Sunday night, they hit the stage at 12:45 a.m. after 5 hours of drinking. Seeing this show, then seeing them play for a "Tween End of Summer Party" at my local library at 2 p.m. the next day was really something. The 11-year-olds got the better show, but that's not saying the Ybor show wasn't good.

- Wilco at The Palladium (Dallas), 9/14/07
After a decade of being a rabid Wilco fan, I finally got my thank you. 20 minutes before doors opened, the band had everyone with fan presale tickets plucked from the hot, sweaty line of hundreds and let us in early, easily securing a spot at the stage. This was also the first night I heard Wilco revist A.M. - with John singing "It's Just that Simple" and Jeff leading the band through a rousing version of "Too Far Apart." Thanks, guys.

- Wilco, Zilker Park (Austin City Limits Music Festival, Austin, TX) 9/16/07
I finally made it to the ACL Fest for 1 day (we saw Lucinda, Wilco, the Decemberists and Dylan). The weather was beautiful. The 100,000-plus people were relaxed and polite. The port-a-potties weren't that bad, and I absolutely loved swaying along to "Handshake Drugs" with 60,000 other fans. The other highlight: someone waving a pair of green panties on a 30 foot pole. Jeff "Did those panties start off white this morning?"

- Dr. Dog, Crowbar (Ybor City, Tampa) 10/31/07
This was the third time I'd seen Dr. Dog in 2 months (they had been opening for Wilco), but the first time I'd seen them headline. Wow, they are a fun live band.

And I'll finish with,
1. A new tour and album from Margot and the Nuclear So & Sos.
2. More $49 Southwest Dingfares to line up with weekend midwest shows in Chicago, St. Louis, Louisville, etc.
3. Wilco fans to chill out. I'm sick of being pushed and shoved at GA shows and having to stand for 6 hours to hold a decent spot.
4. An unexpected big St. Louis name for Twangfest. Would Son Volt be out of the question? If so, I'd settle for the Bottle Rockets.
5. Stop the "exclusive releases." I shouldn't have to buy an album 3 times to get all the songs (ie. "3 song available at Best Buy only!" "2 songs only at independent record stores!" "bonus tracks on iTunes only!"). Just give me all your freaking songs.

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